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Sue Knolle


About Sue Knolle

Sue has always had a passion for animals of all kinds. She grew up on horses and participated in rodeos. Another serious interest is photography that allows her to capture her love of nature and wildlife over many years.


A native Texan, Sue received a BA degree with Honors from the University of Texas, Austin, and later, an M.D. degree from U.T., Galveston. Sue was blessed with a family background in medicine. Serving an off-campus elective as a medical student at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC , Sue chose ophthalmology for her career post graduation. With an earlier background in cancer research, Sue became the first full time ophthalmologist and chairman of that service at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston following her years of medical training.


She entered private practice of ophthalmology in Austin in 1982 where she served as the ophthalmologist for the female athletes at U.T., as well as for the Dallas Cowboys when they were in summer camp in Austin. Aside from private practice, she shared a contract from the City of Austin to take care of the eyes of clinic (indigent) patients. These contracts allowed her to manage a variety of patients' eye problems.


Sue was the first female president of both the Austin Ophthalmology Society and the Texas Ophthalmology Society. Upon retirement in 2009, she received the highest Honor award for Service given to only one individual by the Texas Ophthalmology Association.


Now retired from medicine, Sue spends much of her free time as a volunteer, serving others, including the Lakeway police and military veterans. Her animal companion is an indoor cat, adopted from the Austin Humane Society.

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