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Steve Cox


About Steve Cox

Steve has deep and varied business experience from more than 40 years in the high-tech arena with market leaders NXP, Freescale, AMD, Dell Computer, Sun Microsystems, Tektronix, Spansion, SMSC as well as many midsize and start-up companies. He garnered a broad range of expertise and perspective through management roles in Strategic Marketing, Corporate Investment, Strategic Relations, Business Development, Professional Support, and Intellectual Property Licensing.

Steve graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Texas – Austin, School of Business in 1977. While serving with Dell Ventures (2000), he attended the Venture Capital Institute – a postgraduate study program held at Emory University.

Though not an engineer by training, Steve has been granted four applied technology patents. He continues to ply his career at NXP Semiconductors in Austin.

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