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Our Funding Project

A/C For The Equine Learning Center

Your contribution, no matter the size, is a powerful investment in a brighter tomorrow. By joining us on this journey, you become an agent of change, a champion of resilience, and a beacon of hope for those who rely on our programs and services.

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A/C For The Equine Learning Center

Funding Goal: $2,000.00

Join us in creating a comfortable environment for our dedicated veterans and volunteers! We are excited to launch our fundraising campaign to install air conditioning in our facility, ensuring a cool and inviting space where our heroes can heal and our volunteers can continue their invaluable support. With a goal of $2,000, we can make a significant difference in enhancing the experience for those who selflessly give their time and energy.


How Your Contribution Makes a Difference:

Your generous donation will enable us to install an air conditioning system that transforms our facility into a cool and soothing space. By maintaining a comfortable temperature, we create an atmosphere conducive to healing, learning, and growth. Your support directly benefits our veterans, ensuring their comfort as they engage in therapeutic activities and counseling sessions. It also honors the dedication of our volunteers, who tirelessly lend a helping hand.


What Your Donation Can Achieve:

  • $25: Provides portable cooling fans to keep individual workstations and common areas comfortable.

  • $50: Supports the installation of window-mounted air conditioning units in key areas of the facility.

  • $100: Contributes to the purchase of energy-efficient ceiling fans for improved air circulation.

  • $250: Helps cover the cost of installing a central air conditioning system to cool the entire facility.

  • $500: Supports the addition of insulation and weatherproofing measures for enhanced energy efficiency.

  • $1,000: Makes a significant contribution towards the complete installation of a high-quality air conditioning system, creating a truly comfortable environment for our veterans and volunteers.

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