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Jeff Hughes


About Jeff Hughes

Jeff Hughes was born and raised in Odessa, TX and immediately joined the US Navy after graduating from Permian High School in 1993. Unfortunately, his desired military career path required him to spend time in the “Fleet Navy” before being allowed to apply for any special programs. The unfortunate was quite fortunate as he met his future wife, Maria, in Virginia while serving in The Fleet. As soon as his required Fleet time was completed and after some extensive training, he was accepted into the Navy Special Boat Teams as a SWCC Operator performing maritime Special Operations missions and specializing in riverine warfare. His first duty station was in Panama where he and Maria lived for 3 years before being transferred to The Stennis Space Center in Mississippi and later in Coronado, CA. After 10 years in the Special Boat Teams, Jeff separated honorably as a Navy Chief in order to pursue a civilian career at (hopefully) a much slower pace.


Prior to his separation from the Navy, Jeff was recruited and hired by the nation’s leading military placement firm, Bradley Morris, as a Hiring Consultant, helping separating/retiring military service members to find new careers with companies across the nation. Jeff was quickly promoted to a Regional Operations Manager position based in Austin, TX. After 4 years, the 2008 recession dramatically altered that industry so he left and purchased a small, upstart government services company, Shiloh Services, Inc (Shiloh). Shiloh manages support-based operations for the Department of Defense within CONUS such as transportation operations, aircraft services, aircraft ground equipment maintenance, warehouse services, and base fuel management operations. As President/CEO, Jeff is very involved in the daily management of the company and dedicated to ensuring that Shiloh consistently performs at the highest level while maintaining uncompromising integrity and professionalism.


In 2016, Jeff and his wife Maria purchased a percentage partnership in a local construction company, Wade Custom Steel Buildings, Inc. also known as WadeCSB so that they may have a stronger connection with the local Bastrop community. WadeCSB is now stronger than ever and has grown substantially over the past 3 years. While they are experts in metal/steel construction, WadeCSB has been performing larger and more complex commercial projects around Bastrop and the greater Austin area and looks to continue its progression.

Jeff and Maria have recently welcomed their first child, Logan, into their slightly busy life but enjoy every second of each day.

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