Restoration Ranch

About Us

The mission of Restoration Ranch is to provide a safe-haven for equine learning and development that nurtures the well-being of veterans and their family members through the gift of the horse.

  • By providing veteran families with access to a rural environment where they participate in an equine partnership program focused on building healthy, trusting partnerships with the horses and their fellow veterans.
  • Through holistic health workshops that model our day-to-day practice at the ranch including time for exercise, reflection, learning, play and relationship building.
  • Using the natural environment to nurture and sustain our well-being by capturing renewable resources and practicing organic farming and land development projects that enhance the lives of all living creatures on the ranch.
  • And, by paying it forward through community outreach and engagement opportunities that share our programs and services with others.

Restoration Ranch operates under the stewardship of The Joyful Horse Project, a federally qualified 501c(3) tax-exempt organization. Tax Identification number is 45-4522043 and you can find us on Guidestar.

As an equine advocacy organization Restoration Ranch utilizes and shares holistic health practices that restore and sustain quality of life in both horses and humans. Veterans and their families who work with the horses have the opportunity to forge an authentic relationship based on mutual trust, respect and clear communication. By sharing the way of the horse with veteran families and our local community more people will see the value horses can have in our lives and the important lessons only they can teach us.

All donations are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.