Restoration Ranch

A Heartening

I knew a medicine woman from the thunder nations was waiting for us at Restoration Ranch as we drove through a massive electrical storm and were cleansed by heavy rain to arrive there. A small group of us gathered with Denise Iwaniw for the purpose of participating with the spirit tribes in an ancient ceremony to bless the land. Tribes from the North, South, East and West were called to witness the blessing and the buffalo, horse and wolf tribes all came to bestow their wisdom, protection and blessings upon us.


We learned that we are living in a time of great forgiveness as the ancestors of the Little Big Horn and the ancestors of General Custer have reconciled. That Red Cloud has finally returned to his people that were massacred at Wounded Knee. It is a time for celebration – a time for warriors to weep and the women to dance and nurture their tribes. A heartening time that follows a reckoning.


The stories of love and forgiveness Denise shared with us were placed in our hearts. This place we call Restoration Ranch, the horses and the people are blessed even more. This part of our journey together holds a heart-felt promise and each of our gifts will shape its destiny.



Thank you Denise. I know God called you into our lives for a reason and it is our privilege to welcome all that you bring  with great joy.




Photos by Dee Marrs.