Restoration Ranch
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Memorial Pathway

Restoration Ranch is hosting a memorial brick campaign to raise funds to build an accessible walkway to an overlook pavilion at Restoration Ranch.

The master plan for the facility calls for the construction of a sensory garden area in the far right corner of the property leading to a bluff that overlooks the valley that stretches out to the Southeast. See items 22 and 23 on the Site Plan Phase 2 (below).

Restoration Ranch Site Plan Phase 2

The vision for this walkway is for it to be surrounded by shade trees and natural gardens, arbors and blooming plants that create a special meditative area for nature walks and reflection.

It is only fitting that this special area of the ranch pay tribute to our veterans, friends, family members, equine companions and pets that will forever hold a place in our hearts.

We would be honored to include a memorial brick for your loved ones along this path. Just follow the link below to place your order today!